Security cameras with thermal vision


Video surveillance has become a part of our everyday life. It became the object of close attention not only to the professional military but also to the interest of entrepreneurs and homeowners. Modern surveillance cameras equipped with a thermal imager are the basis for a security system for any territory, home, or office. They raise the facility’s security level to a completely different level of security, guarantee full round-the-clock security of people and territory entrusted to their attention.

How does a WiFi camera work?

For work, a system is used, consisting of: a camera, a router, Internet access, and a mobile phone or another gadget. The camera reads information from the environment, transmits it over the WI-FI network through a router to the Internet. Using the WI-FI signal, the phone makes a request to the Internet and reads there information that gets to the user’s smartphone. A slightly modified version of the system is possible, where a computer, server, or cloud storage acts as a storage device. Thanks to the WI-FI signal, information from the camera can go directly to the data storage device. The system operator receives processed and analyzed information coming from the data storage area. There is no doubt that this type of interaction is simple, reliable, and safe. It will be the most popular for some users, which does not require the help of qualified specialists. The owner of the cloud or server assumes all service functions. It will not be superfluous to clarify that a fee will be charged for the use of cloud storage.

Where is the best place to store data?

This system has several advantages. Data is securely protected on third-party, inaccessible media. If the equipment is stolen, they will not be harmed. Video and photo materials can be saved, processed, sent as needed. The analytical capabilities of third-party storage media are vast and exceed those of mobile phone applications. Note that it is necessary to build algorithms for work according to your individual needs for the full functioning of the camera.

The settings allow you to enable recording by the motion sensor, by the sensor of loud and harsh sounds, such as the sound of a shot or broken glass, by the face recognition function, by a sharp change in the position of the camera, when the lens is closed with a third-party object, by leaving third-party objects in the frame, by detecting a license plate … Note that when operating a security camera with a thermal imager, we get additional bonuses to the existing functions. For example, the thermal imager allows you to identify objects with a temperature higher than the specified one. In other words, the camera will only respond to live, warm targets. In addition, ignore everything else.

WiFi camera with thermal vision

Let us take a look at how thermal vision works. All living and non-living objects with temperatures above absolute zero are sources of thermal radiation. Unrecognizable by the human eye, this type of radiation can be detected using special devices called thermal imagers. These devices formed the basis for the development of a security camera with a thermal imager. The image that the thermal imager broadcasts are obtained based on the temperature difference between all surfaces within the camera’s field of view. The warmer the body, the brighter it appears in the thermography image. In addition, the greater the temperature difference, the sharper and clearer the picture.

What are the benefits of using a camera with thermal vision?

Such a device can operate in absolute darkness. Bad weather conditions like rain and fog will not prevent you from detecting potential hazards. A bright sunny day can hinder conventional cameras, especially when light bounces off snow or water. It is difficult to obtain information in snow, dust storm, smoke in the presence of lush vegetation. The thermal imager will give a more informative and clear picture of reality, even in such difficult conditions. It will not be superfluous to note that with this gadget, the number of false alarms of systems drops sharply since the object is determined as not warm, not alive, and therefore does not pose a danger.

The device will be handy for detecting fires when located outside the building, such as open storage warehouses. The camera will record the temperature rise and send an alarm signal to the operator.

Now, to all the outstanding qualities, we will add ease of installation – the camera does not require a call of a special team. With the very basic skills, it is quite possible to cope on your own. No need to pull tangled cables or punch through walls. It is enough to have a nearby power source and a stable WI-FI signal. Note that some models are equipped with built-in power supplies such as rechargeable batteries or batteries. They are completely autonomous in use and only require a strong WI-FI signal.

Thus, we get a multifunctional, universal, reliable, and easy-to-use security control tool for a home, enterprise, warehouse, or store. The possibilities of video surveillance are expanding every day, covering all new areas of our life.